Building Products Division

Our staff has the Experience, Knowledge, & Flexibility needed to meet the unique demands of the construction industry.
INTRAMAR’s Experience is derived from participation in many major hospitality and construction projects throughout the world. Our staff thoroughly reviews the client’s specifications to insure all electrical, machinery, and construction equipment is compatible with local requirements of the foreign country.

Our portfolio includes hotels, apartments, housing, civil construction and airport projects.

Construction Requirements

  • Material Specifying Service
  • All Building Materials
    • Windows – Doors – Metal Studs
    • Sheathing & Vinyl Siding
    • Exterior Building Applications
  • Equipment
    • Cement Handling
    • A/C Systems & Parts

F F & E Requirements

  • Interior Design Service
  • Furniture
  • Artwork
  • Carpet
  • Miscellaneous Equipment

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